Hi, I’m Marc Harrison.

I started painting miniatures casually in the late nineties, and by 2010, I had developed my professional touch. 2010 is also when I stated playing the Warmachine/Hordes game produced by Privateer Press. I liked the miniatures in the Circle Orboros faction and their Wolds (golems) and Rhulic (dwarf) miniatures. I worked at both enhancing my painting skills and playing the Warmachine/Hordes game. Since I excel at wearing as much paint as I put on a project and enjoy dwarf mythology, my Friday night game group gave me a new name: The Painted Dwarf.

In addition to painting, I do computer aided design/drafting (CAD) work using Rhino 6 software and light carpentry/shop work. If you are looking to get your miniatures painted or have a project or idea you need help designing and building, you are in the right place. Feel free to contact me. You can also find me on LinkedIn.