MCP Miniatures

Don’t Look Back Miniatures from Black Site Studios

Reaper Small World Galladon

Reaper High Roller Miniatures

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures

Marvel United Miniatures

Warcaster Iron Star Alliance

Atomic Mass Games – Marvel Crisis Protocol

Warmachine Mercenaries Pirate Miniatures from Privateer Press.

Legion of Everblight army for Warmachine/Hordes

PIP 41162 Menite Archon Solos

Atomic Mass Games Marvel Crisis Protocol CP01 Core Set

Riot Quest Wave One Miniatures:

PIP 63002 Black Bella, Duchess of Dread
PIP 63003 Boomhowler, Solo Artist
PIP 63004 Harlowe Holdemhigh
PIP 63005 J.A.I.M.s
PIP 63006 Gorman the Mad
PIP 63007 Widget, Tinker Extraordinaire

Holiday Miniatures painted for the upcoming 2019 holiday season.

Gloomhaven by Cephalofair Games

Privateer Press 63001 Riot Quest Starter Set

Privateer Press 41108 Steelhead Halberdiers, Reaper 03338 Young Ice Dragon, and 06053 Skeleton Swords.

Beholder from Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures

Reaper Bones 77556 Mystic Circle, homemade 4″ x 3/4″ Wall of Stone Templates and 40mm Flag Markers.

Privateer Press PIP 41128 Steelhead Heavy Calvary


Privateer Press PIP 41119 Hammerfall Siege Crawler Rhulic Battle Engine for Warmachine.

Reaper Mini’s 50021 Buffalo Bill Cody


PIP 7504 Gatorman Witch Doctor Solo and PIP 75041 Gatorman Posse Unit

PIP  Ghordson Earthbreaker Rhulic Colossal

Cowboys and Gunslingers from Reaper Miniatures

Unicorns from Ral Partha and Reaper


Privateer Press Cryx Models

PIP 34127 Cryx Battle Box, PIP 34125 Corruptor Heavy Warjack, 2X PIP 34070 Ripjaw Light Bonejack, 2X PIP 34087 Deathriper Light Bonejack, and PIP 34117 Kraken/Sepulcher Collosal that has been magnetized.

Privateer Press Steelheads

PIP 41083 Captain Domiano, PIP 41074 Steelhead Riflemen, PIP 41125 Sergant Nicholas Verendrye, PIP 41064 Stannis Brocker and two units of PIP 41108 Steelhead Halberdiers

Reaper 50208 Santa Claus

PIP-41107 Greygore Boomhowler & Co. Warmachine Mercenary Unit

October 2018

September 2018


Some of my older work