My Local Game and Hobby Supply Stores – My home game store. – My local arts supplier, coffee house, and arts studio.

Podcasts – Podcast for Privateer Presses Warmachine & Hordes game. Chain-Attack also has a community building face book page that is worth joining. – Podcast for Atomic Mass Games Marvel Crisis Protocol and Privateer Presses Warmacine/Hordes Game, and seller of accessories for wargamers. – Podcast and general Warmachine & Hordes information. LOS also manages the webpage. – Not a podcast, but a good place to create your Warmachine and Hordes lists. -Podcast for Privateer Presses Warmachine & Hordes game. – Podcast for Privateer Presses Warmachine & Hordes game. – Podcasts and Paint Tutorial of all thing miniatures related. Lots of good resources in information on this site.

Games and Gaming Accessories – Online store for miniatures, games, and game accessories. – Gaming Accessories. – Gaming Accessories. – Manufacturer of bags for transporting miniatures. – Manufacturer of bags for transporting miniatures. – Manufacturer of molds for making gaming terrain.

Miniatures, Paint, and Games Manufacturers – Creators of Warmachine, Hordes, Monsterpocalypse, the Iron Kindogms RPG and the Formula P3 paint line. – Manufacturer of miniatures and the Master Series line of paints. – Creators of Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40,000, Middle-Earth Battle Strategy game, and the Citadel paint line. – Manufacturer of fantasy and Game of Thrones miniatures. – Manufacturer of fantasy and science fiction wargames miniatures. – Home of the Palladium Fantasy, Rifts, and Nightbane role playing games. – Manufacturer of the Model and Game Color lines of paints. – Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing Game -Featuring Fine Art, Pottery, Wood & Metal Work, Fiber Art, Jewelry & More – Wyoming Small Business Development Center. – Powell, Wyoming Chamber of Commence and Powell Economic Partnership. – Powell’s Makerspace. – Park County Arts Council.

People – Eric Brindza, Miniatures Painter, and the person who taught me to paint. -Ashton Holbrook, Miniatures Painter. – Brian Timmer, Artist.– Michael “Misha” Hansen, Miniatures Painter. – Eric Farrington, creator of table top wargame rule sets.