Terms of Service

If you are a new client, this page will help you through the process of having The Painted Dwarf commission your project. Sections with a number contain information you will need to provide me.

Prior to any projects being started, miniatures will need to be sent to me, and a deposit will be requested. The deposit is binding and commits you to the project. The deposit is non-refundable. By making a deposit and sending material to be painted, you are making a commitment to see a project to its completion.

Getting A Quote

When you are ready for a quote, the following will be needed:

  • Provide a list with model numbers of the product you would like painted
  • Indicate if you are providing the models assembled or if I will need to assemble them
  • Indicate the color scheme you want (I appreciate images or references)
  • Indicate your basing preference

After I have reviewed your information, I will send you a project breakdown by email outlining all cost associated with your project. Alteration can be made at your discretion. Once you are satisfied with the quote, you will give me approval to start by making a deposit of 25% of the quoted cost. This deposit can be sent using PayPal, personal check, or money order. I have a minimum order value of $75.00.


You are welcome to contact me with questions regarding your order. My preferred method of communication is via email.

1.0 Purchasing Models

When buying and sending models to me for painting, you will be responsible for the costs of shipping them to me. I will accept models shipped directly from a retailer. Assembled models will need to be packaged so that they are not touching each other to prevent damage. I cannot be responsible for models damaged or broken when shipped to me. Additional charges may apply for models that are sent to me damaged and in need of repair. When sending models that need to be assembled, please send models in their original packaging if possible.


The Painted Dwarf has insurance that covers the value of your models while they are in my care. Once the models are paid for and shipped to you, it will then be out of my jurisdiction. When shipping items back to you, I will insure the value of your models at your request. An additional shipping charge will apply.

2.0 Assembly and Conversions

You may opt to have me clean and assembly your models, or you may send them already assembled and ready to paint. If your models have been previously painted, I need to be told. I will charge extra for stripping and repairing models.

If I assembly your models, expect the following:

  • I will clean your models and ensure they are free of mold release typically left on models from the manufacturer
  • I will remove flash and mold lines
  • I will pin joints as needed
  • I will score joints and glue them securely
  • I will fill gaps and smooth them with epoxy filler

Note: Costs to assembly your models will be added to the cost of painting and will be reflected on the quote that I provide you.

If you assemble your models and send them to me, I expect the following:

  • Models need to be clean and free of mold release
  • Flash and mold lines need to be removed
  • Joints need to be pinned, as needed
  • Gaps need to be filled and smoothed with epoxy filler
  • Models need to be packed securely when shipped to me to minimize the chance of damage

Note: If I receive models that are damaged, I will notify you by email and send photos. I can’t be responsible damaged models during shipment. If damage is minor, I will just fix it and get your models painted. If damage is significant, I will have to charge for the time and materials to repair the model. I will ask and provide a estimated repair cost before making the repairs.


Unused parts from model kits are not returned except on request. Please state that you want unused bitz to be returned to you when you request a quote for painting services.

2.1 Model Conversions

I will make minor conversions to your models during assembly at your request. A minor conversion may include magnetizing a base or part of your miniature, reinforcing parts of your model, or swapping a weapon or tool with another. At this time, I do not offer sculpting or major conversions. Additional charges will apply and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

3.0 Paint Scheme

I will need to know what paint scheme you would like on your models. Matching an existing paint scheme is possible; however, I cannot guarantee that the models I paint will turn out exactly as the models you may already have. Providing me with photos, illustrations, painting guides, or a painted sample will help me to achieve your desired paint scheme. I keep notes on how I paint my  clients’ models and will try to match as closely as possible with any repeat work.

Note: I use Formula P3 and Reaper Master Series paints.

3.1 Basing

Painting basing along with the model is my preferred method of basing. I will need a description of how you want your model based along with the paint scheme used. I will also need to know if an arc is desired on the base and if it will be 180 degrees or something different. If you desire an arc, then tell me the color of arc you prefer.

3.2 Sealing

Upon completion of painting your models, I will seal them. I use Testers Dullcote or poly acrylic matt sealer to seal completed models. Sealing models can cause some details to be lost. If you prefer not to have your models sealed, or if you want me to use a different type of sealer, then you will need to note what you want in your initial communications with me.

Note: Sealed miniatures need to fully cure for at least 48 hours before I can ship them.

Completed Project

When your project is complete, I will send photos via email. Once I receive your payment, I will ship your models and you will receive confirmation and tracking information via email. I cannot be responsible for models once I have shipped to you.

4.0 Payment

I will accept PayPal, money order, or personal checks as forms of payment. 25% of the quoted price is expected to start your project. The remaining balance is expected before I will send you your project back.

Note: I no longer send miniatures back to my clients on good faith. I have been burned too many times to continue this practice. Once payment is made, your miniatures will be sent. If paying by check, miniatures will ship once the check clears.

5.0 Packing and Shipping

I will make every effort to securely pack your models for shipment back to you. I will typically mummify your models in tissue and then add bubble wrapping, packing peanuts or similar materials to ensure that your models are not touching or rubbing against each other. I will include a packing list with your models. Invoices will be sent via email unless you request one be sent with your models.

Models are generally shipped using United States Postal Service (USPS) priority shipping or United Postal Service (UPS) Ground. I will obtain a tracking number. Insurance may be added at a cost of $2.50 per $100.00 of insurance. I may also use Federal Express or any service requested by a client. Additional shipping charges apply for international shipping. Shipping to the continental US is included with your quotation. Additional charges will be reflected on your final invoice if applicable.


By sending The Painted Dwarf a deposit, you are agreeing to these Terms of Service. Any disagreements will be heard through mediation at The Painted Dwarf’s discretion. Any litigation will be heard in a Wyoming court, which is the state the Painted Dwarf resides in.

Magnets are often used in my products, and they are generally purchased from other companies and follow those companies’ WARNING messages. Magnets can be powerful and dangerous if not handled properly. Keep magnets away from any sensitive electrical equipment. If someone in your household or gaming group has a pacemaker, please ask a doctor about possible risks before purchasing products with magnets. Keep magnets away from children and pets.

Completed models are not toys for children. Models can be easily broken and can be a choking hazard to children. Store and handle your models accordingly.

Shipping: I reserve the right to cancel an order if the shipping to a foreign country is unusually high. If monetary negotiations are not reached involving expensive international shipping, then you may cancel an order.

Painting and Basing Recipes

Requests for painting and basing recipes will be denied. I will not give out my methods or materials used to allow others to match my work.

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